Naturally Fermented
Sparkling Tea

A non-alcoholic alternative
to sparkling wine.

“Our naturally fermented sparkling teas celebrate the intersection of two culinary traditions, tea production and fermentation – a delicious non-alcoholic alternative to sparkling wine”

Join the mindful drinking revolution and drink bettersmarterhealthier
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Vegan FriendlyOnly plant based ingredients and processing aids used to produce our products.
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Low SugarNaturally low in sugar. We will never add sweeteners like Xylitol or Stevia to our products.
Less than 0.5% ABVResidual alcohol is a by-product of the fermentation process. Thats around the same as eating a ripe banana.
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Gluten FreeAll products are 100% Gluten free. No ingredients contain gluten.
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Preservates FreeWe don’t add preservatives. So you won’t find any added sulfites, potasium sorbate or sodium benzonite in our products.

TerriorJust like wine, the climate and landscape of a particular region has a great influence on the tea quality and flavour. Our teas are chosen for their rich complexity and taste, sourced from specific geographic regions of China and India.

Specialty TeaOur teas are produced by artisans who spend their working lives inflecting the tea into different styles and expressions.

Each year, we select and blend exquisite loose-leaf teas with the same respect that a winemaker affords their grapes.

Only the finest teas will go on to deliver the exceptional flavour we demand. Our quest for new and exciting flavours continues each and every day.

Steeping MasteryWe take great care when steeping each tea to ensure they reach their full potential. Both temperature and time plays a crucial role when managing tannins and astringency.

Our expertly steeped tea result in a balanced infusion of flavours, ensuring that delicate notes and nuances shine.

Fermentation 2.0
We have trailblazed our own path, developing a proprietary fermentation process that borrows techniques from wine making to achieve the desired complexity, flavour, body and mouthfeel.

Our fermentation process involves the introduction of a non-Saccharomyces yeast strain, and a prolonged 60 day fermentation designed to increase the ratio of gluconic acid, glycerol and elevate fruity esters.