Hairy Armadillo Affiliate Program

What’s it all about?
Start earning money for your amazing content! It does get any better than that!

Here at Hairy Armadillo, we’re all about building our network and making new friends. If you have a blog, a YouTube channel or simply keep an engaged Instagram or Facebook page updated, the Hairy Armadillo Affiliate Program could be for you.

We tracks all orders connected to the affiliate links you post, so that you receive a commission for each and every sale that you help us close.

How does the Hairy Armadillo Affiliate Program work?
We’re on the lookout for talented content creators who share our values and want to align with the Hairy Armadillo brand. We are contributing to the mindful drinking revolution in Australia by creating delicious non-alcoholic beverages that sit comfortably in stemware. – and we need yoru help to spread the word!

Why Work With Us?

  • 10% commission on order value
  • High average order value ($90)
  • 30 day tracking cookie period
  • Constantly innovating with new products and offerings
  • Mobile optimised website

Our Services

  • Free standard delivery on all orders over $150 to AU.
  • Top tier customer service
  • Delivery tracking

How do I get started?
It’s free to join the Hairy Armadillo Affiliate Program and we offer creatives and regular promotions to get your started. Apply below to our Affiliate Program, and, if accepted, you’ll be contacted with further details. Before registering please read our affiliate program terms and conditions.

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