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Meet Al and Jodie, a dynamic duo with a shared passion for exploring the depths of flavour and life experiences. While they both appreciate a well-crafted alcoholic beverage, Al and Jodie were on the lookout for something more nuanced and refined to enjoy on everyday occasions. Too often they were left disappointed.

For Al and Jodie this was about adopting a what we refer to as a ‘damp lifestyle’, which is not about cutting out alcohol entirely, it’s about cutting back. An approach that lets them enjoy thier favorite drinks while minimising negative side effects.

Their journey into the realm of sophisticated non-alcoholic alternatives began during tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic, as they navigated restrictions between Singapore and Australia. Inspired by the works of esteemed authors like Harold W. Tietze and Ed Casper, they delved into the art of tea-based fermentation.

Our of their Singapore condo, they embarked on a series of experiments and transforming their spare room into a fermentery. After inviting neighbours and friends to partake in their creations, they discovered a resounding love for their non-alcoholic concoctions.

Driven by the realisation that non-alcoholic drinks could rival their alcoholic counterparts in depth, flavor, and complexity, Al and Jodie were determined to share their discoveries with the world. Thus, the idea for their own non-alcoholic beverage company was born.

With a mix of courage and perhaps a touch of naivety, they made the daring decision to say goodbye to Singapore and return to Australia to pursue an entrepreneurial dream.

To fully immerse ourselves in this pursuit, we deliberately chose the Yarra Valley as our base, given its rich tapestry of artisanal beverage makers. For the past two years, Al has immersed himself in the intricacies of microbial activity, refining their processes with the precision of tea sommeliers and winemaking.

To them it has become more than just creating a beverage brand – it’s about honouring the rich historical narratives woven into tea production and fermentation. They enjoy sharing flavours that captivate the senses and nourish the soul – mindfully.

“Our mission is to craft complex and sophisticated beverages for all occasions, without the alcohol. In doing so we aim to change the way people perceive non-alcoholic breverages.”
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